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Strange Video Sex Footage Baffles Everyone

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

In the sleepy town of St. Kevin in Dakota, a silence has been broken that would inevitably ruin the community forever. The small, God-worshipping town had never come to expect that anyone of its resident would ever engage in video sex, and no one definitely expected that footage to show up in the most unlikely of places.

The majority of the residents of the small town make it a point to go to the local Catholic Church every Sunday morning. Nearly all of the townspeople show up for this mass that holding a second mass have been deemed unnecessary. Every Sunday morning, the peaceful St. Kevin folk sing and pray as one community. On one particular Sunday morning though, things have changed forever. An unknown individual had somehow infiltrated the church’s secured video projector and programmed it to transit the footage of two of the town’s resident’s doing the insidious act of fornicating over the Internet for all the town’s folk to see.

The participants of the vile sex act were in attendance of that same Mass, and the two endured several minutes of the entire town’s disdain. The scandal has the entire town in an uproar, and the mysterious identity of the person who had projected their images in the church has yet to be discovered. There have been a few suspects in the couple’s mind.

“I think it’s that creepy guy from the store” claimed Sally May, the once virginal girl next door. He’s always just outside the store, leering at me whenever I come by to pick up the groceries.” One problem with this theory is that the aforementioned weirdo, Lloyd, is not competent enough to pull off something even close to the scale of what was done to Sally May and her lover, Tom.

Everyone is assuming that the incident was nothing but a prank by the local computer whiz kids. “If it is a prank it’s a pretty sick one” said Tom. “That was a private between me and Sally May. No one had a right to do what they did. I don’t care who it is that did it. Once I find him, or her, or them, I will personally put them through as much humiliation as they put me and Sally May through.”

Doctors Recommend Video Sex As Safe Sex

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

While sexually transmitted diseases are not a dominant in the news as they used to be, scientists and doctors are still diligently working on a way to lessen its spreading, especially on the still growing AIDS epidemic. It has come to a point that many medical professionals have suggested the strict practice of only engaging in video sex to not only avoid STDs, but also to negate any possibility of unwanted pregnancies. Dr. Kyle Lomax of the medical institute of Des Moines strongly agrees with this medical urgency.

“Having sex through the webcam or over a similar electronic medium is perhaps the best way of having safe sex. Indeed, the absolute lack of physical contact diminishes any possibility of any complications, health or otherwise.” An avid practitioner of online sex himself, Lomax testifies that his sexual interactions have helped him remain satisfied without going through the traditional worries of pregnancy and diseases. “It’s true, having sex with an actual person is perhaps a million times better than pleasuring yourself while watching another human being pleasure him or herself at a distance, but I’ve managed to come to terms with the limitations of the act and have come to enjoy it. After all, real sex may be good, but all those lingering worries the morning after just ruin the experience for me.”

This recent movement has been put through some scientific research, and the results have been surprising. According to research, 82% of the people whose only sexual activity involves a webcam or something similar experience far less anxiety and has a smaller percentage of having high blood pressure. These people also become more knowledgeable of technical matters and become a lot less inhibited. Lomax explains the correlations. “Less anxiety means less worries. And less worries result to a stable blood pressure. Also people who engage only in webcam or video sex become more handy in using computers, as they are bound to spend more time in front of them and would have to troubleshoot their systems on occasion. And there’s nothing more liberating than exposing yourself in front of a camera that transmits the image of your naked body all over the World Wide Web. An act like that can only boost one’s self confidence.”

The scientific community is all in agreement, and has been promoting the act of video sex. In fact, they have chosen to lead by example and most likely engaged in some freaky webcam sex as these words are being written.

Embarrassed Teen Nearly Shamed to Death By Video Sex

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

It is a sad scene in Milwaukee as a 16 year old boy attempted to take his own life after being caught by his parents having video sex with a long distance online girlfriend. Matthew, the teenager, locked himself up in his room was discovered by his mother nearly overdosed on sleeping pills. Matthew was rushed to the hospital and miraculously, his life was saved by the vigilant medical staff.

Testimonials from classmates suggest that Matthew was a loner, and spent most of his time online, chatting with his girlfriend. Known to Matthew as only “chattygal69”, the two met in an adult dating site wherein Matthew had used his father’s credit card to gain membership. They have been having an “intimate” online relationship for nearly six months when his parents walked in his room and catching him in the middle of the webcam sex act.

Neighbors confirm reports that a great argument ensued after the incident, with Matthew screaming curse words directed at his parents for not respecting his privacy. Matthew’s parents insisted on talking about the incident, and according to the neighbors, the discussion erupted when the parents suggested therapy for their son. Matthew’s father, a pastor in their local church, expressed extreme disappointment at the boy, prompting Matthew to storm out of the house.

After Matthew returned two or three hours later, his parents were not at home, leaving Matthew free to raid his mother’s medicine cabinet. His parents returned and found Matthew convulsing in his bed, with a half empty bottle of bills and a poorly written suicide note.
Matthew spent a night in the hospital, and according to his doctor, should be released with a clean bill of health within days. His parents refused to comment on the incident, with the pastor brushing it off as a “lapse of judgment” on the part of his son. When asked about the future of their son and the stability of the relationship of his family, the pastor refused any further comment.

Matthew’s classmates however, have been inspired by this scenario and are in talks of launching a campaign against parents invading their children’s privacy. The rumors of such a movement have the school administrators worried of the questions of morality that could possibly be raised. To counteract this, the school system of the town have been in talks about content filtering and censorship within the town’s online access.



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