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Little Rodent Likes to Download Porn Videos

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

It’s a classic story about the relationship between a man and his pet. Luke had had his pet hamster for several years before he discovered that his beloved pet can download porn videos. The hamster named Nicole has been extraordinarily special in Luke’s eyes, but he had no idea how special until the hamster was left free in front of Luke’s computer.

Luke had come from a party and had more than a few drinks in his system when he took out Nicole to play with. He passed out, and the hamster who had spent a long time watching her master download porn, sprung into action. The animal had instinctively developed the ability to find and download adult videos from Luke’s favorite sites. It’s like a sicker version of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

“Imagine my surprise when I woke up and saw my download queue was full of adult movies” said an astonished Luke. “I initially assumed that I was entirely too drunk to remember that I downloaded the movies. But when I checked the time the download started, I saw that it was well beyond the time I was sure I was unconscious. The only logical conclusion was Nicole.”

Luke put his theory to the test however, putting the animal in front of the computer and waited. After dilly dallying for a few seconds, the hamster crawled over the keyboard and moved the mouse immediately to open the porn sites that Luke frequented. Luke felt his knees tremble at the sight of his pet quickly and accurately processing downloads for him.

“It’s just a shame that I’m not able to make money off this discovery. After all, the only thing that this says to the world is that I download so much porn that my pet had actually adapted the skill to do so.”

A lot of the luminaries in the field of animal behavior tend to disagree with Luke’s previous statement. Noted animal psychologist Dr. Erving Nuts in particular would love to examine Nicole’s behavior. ”Regardless of what the owner has been preoccupied with that led to Nicole’s amazing discovery, this is definitely an amazing breakthrough. Imagine what the government can do with hyper-intelligent hamsters that could operate machinery as complex as computers. Imagine what else we could possibly teach these creatures? We could even send them into space!”

Currently, Luke has not yet answered any invitation from Dr. Nuts to examine his furry friend.

Vigilant Conservatives Discourages Watching Porn

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

The act of watching porn has always been frowned upon by conservative parties for years. Now, they have managed to come up with a brand new reason to hate the universally beloved hobby. They are now claiming that porn and the habit of viewing it are the reasons many civilizations have been faced with nothing but doom.

Their claim is based on many signs of times that define today’s generation. They even have gone as far as to blame the economic downfall to watching adult movies and videos.

Rev. Alfred Brand has revealed many of this new mentality’s sources. “Back in the ancient times, many empires were doomed once they have fallen into decadence. The corruption of a public figure has always been linked to godlessness, and there are many cases wherein the only thing that could have stopped any recession was a solid moral stand. In time, when all the unfortunate things have all piled up on top of each other producing extraordinarily hard times, someone will be pointing that out. There will always be a group of people who would lay the blame on some fort of moral degeneracy.”

There are some key points that would reinforce the claim that porn could very well be responsible for pushing society closer into oblivion. The crash of the market can be indirectly tied in to the popularity of porn. While the majority of the world are becoming closer and closer into poverty, the porn industry still manages to thrive. This shows that more people are pouring their hard earned cash into the porn industry rather than into investments that could hopefully turn the economy around.

The corruption of political leaders can also be attributed — in no small part — to pornography. Porn has been blamed for the moral degradation of the youth for several decades now, and it would come to no surprise if those who grew up to be world leaders indulged in porn in their younger days.

The bottom line is that the act of indulging in porn produces less disciplined individuals. With a generally liberated society would possess neither the emotional and physical control needed to strive for a better future nor the strength of character required to see problems through. The problem is, though, that there are very few laws that would diminish the grip porn has on society.

“If any of these arguments hold at least some truth in them, then we are doomed Brand concluded.”

Chaos Ensues Thanks To Adult Movie Fanatic

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The serene and solemn setting of a Sunday morning in church was broken by an adult movie fan who found it appropriate to argue with the priest regarding the validity of adult movies. The sermon centered about lust and touched on pornography, and the fan did not take the “offensive nature” of the priest’s homily kindly. The man, a 32-year old college professor named Bobby Lester, went on a tirade unseen before in the history of the church.

The incident began when the priest centered on adult films and the people who watched it. Lester, an avid follwer of the medium felt that the priest was being unnecessarily condescending towards the people who enjoy watching films of adult content. Lester brazenly stood up from the pew and decided questioning the priest’s sermon. The priest, of course, stood by his convictions and defended his stand against the irate Lester.

It did not take long before the two’s interaction caused a reaction among the other church goers. A massive debate has been ignited within minutes. The church was divided into three groups. On one side there were those who felt that the priest was being too harsh on the porn viewing community. On the other side were people who believed that Lester was way out of line in his decision to causing a scene in church. The rest of the people were on another side, with their camera phones out, taking videos of this rare event.

No one knew who threw the first punch. What began as a heated discussion between two individuals with opposing beliefs evolved in a brawl that saw Lester and the priest held by the authorities for interrogation. The police that arrived on the scene at first did not know how to diffuse the situation. Seeing a priest pounding Lester into brutal submission did not help matters either. A riot squad has been alerted, and the church goers dispersed. The scene was quite similar to an illegal street party crashed by the police. People scurried into their cars and drove away as fast as they could. Only Lester and the priest wer left. Both had sustained several minor injuries like cuts and bruises.

According to the reports, Lester has been officially banned from that particular church, while the priest was forgiven by his sect. The religious group even applauded the priest for defending he purity of his beliefs.

Download Porn Videos For Charity

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Times are so hard that people have stopped giving to the less fortunate. A Cleveland-based charitable institution has found a way to solve that. Understanding the fact that people these days need at least some incentive before trying to reach into their pockets, the Cleveland Cares Foundation have decided to entice potential donors and volunteers with the ability to freely download porn videos.

Coordinating with a top porn website, a donation of a certain amount or rendering a specific amount of volunteer hours gives one access to the exclusive content provided for the CCF. While this is not the only incentive available to interested parties, t has become quickly the most popular and effective one. The founder of CCF, Ken Thurmgood, is very pleased. “The adult film industry is one thin that I’m grateful for. To tell you the truth, I never really expected to get more assistance from the porn industry than I do from the government. Shows all of us not to judge a person by the number of times their anatomy had been invaded by a foreign object.”

Things are also looking up for the volunteers who had been to CCF for a long time. “To be completely frank,” said Irma, a middle aged volunteer for CCF. “I was at first wary of their help. After all, what would the community say? Well, Mr. Thurmgood’s gut instincts tell him that it’s a right course of action.”

This decision by Thurmgood and his band of do-gooders have not been wet met with has seen more than its fair share of opposition. The CCF still remains undaunted n their cause. “Just because they do adult movies doesn’t mean that they can’t be contributing members of society.” Thumgood beams as he says these words. “And like I’ve said, they’ve done more for Cleveland’s less fortunate than most so-called morally superior individuals.”

The CCF has made it a point to shun all the righteous detractors from their cause, focusing only a results-based program t help the people of Cleveland Thurmgood and the rest of his people also hope that their actions inspire other non-government charitable institutions to take bolder steps to achieve their goals. “The world is becoming more and more competitive, and it’s hard for guys like us who just want to help out. If people would rather spend their money on porn, then basically that’s what we’re offering. With an extra dose of charity, of course.”

Watching Porn Ignites Man To Create Art

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Watching porn movies has a lot of different effects to the viewer. Mostly it’s a stimulant, upon viewing you get caught up in the action that’s taking place in your screen. You wonder why shit like that never happened to you. A man from Hoboken uses the medium to create something different. He makes murals and portraits while viewing pornographic movies. The man, William, admits that porn movies have been his muse.

“It started when I was in college, or a little after that.” William admits. “It was hard to be a struggling artist in the big city. I don’t know how many odd jobs I held as I strove to make a living with my art. But I had gone to a dry spell. Nothing inspired me. My brush lay flaccid in my hand a lot, missing his muse.”

William claims that he had in his youth, never had any trouble with producing works of art. And with his mind cluttered with practical concerns William had opted to use that for a nice sketch comedy show or skit, perhaps even an angsty independent comic. Frustrated, he put on a porn movie in the VCR hoping he could at the very least work some of his stress off. What happened was something totally unexpected and something William absolutely loved.

While many would use different kind sof strokes while watching adult movies, William only had one, and that is the stroke of the brush. While viewing the said video, William found himself unnecessarily doodling. Once a particular scene was over, William realized that his doodle was one of the better doodles he had ever done. He tried experimenting, painting on canvas as he watched. What resulted was one of his critical successes, and financial, at the time.

“It was like magic you know, it was like someone was guiding my hand when those movies are playing. And it wasn’t ike my paintings took on a pornographic form. From some reason sex was the last thing on my mind while watching pornographic material.”

Indeed, William’s work rarely even includes the human form. From abstract impressionism to towering tributes to structures like the Great Wall of China, William creates art that was totally irrelevant to porn. “I must say, I love it. If I had known would have such an effect on me and my art, I would have been painting while watching since I was 16.”

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Friday, October 9th, 2009



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