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Chaos Ensues Thanks To Adult Movie Fanatic

The serene and solemn setting of a Sunday morning in church was broken by an adult movie fan who found it appropriate to argue with the priest regarding the validity of adult movies. The sermon centered about lust and touched on pornography, and the fan did not take the “offensive nature” of the priest’s homily kindly. The man, a 32-year old college professor named Bobby Lester, went on a tirade unseen before in the history of the church.

The incident began when the priest centered on adult films and the people who watched it. Lester, an avid follwer of the medium felt that the priest was being unnecessarily condescending towards the people who enjoy watching films of adult content. Lester brazenly stood up from the pew and decided questioning the priest’s sermon. The priest, of course, stood by his convictions and defended his stand against the irate Lester.

It did not take long before the two’s interaction caused a reaction among the other church goers. A massive debate has been ignited within minutes. The church was divided into three groups. On one side there were those who felt that the priest was being too harsh on the porn viewing community. On the other side were people who believed that Lester was way out of line in his decision to causing a scene in church. The rest of the people were on another side, with their camera phones out, taking videos of this rare event.

No one knew who threw the first punch. What began as a heated discussion between two individuals with opposing beliefs evolved in a brawl that saw Lester and the priest held by the authorities for interrogation. The police that arrived on the scene at first did not know how to diffuse the situation. Seeing a priest pounding Lester into brutal submission did not help matters either. A riot squad has been alerted, and the church goers dispersed. The scene was quite similar to an illegal street party crashed by the police. People scurried into their cars and drove away as fast as they could. Only Lester and the priest wer left. Both had sustained several minor injuries like cuts and bruises.

According to the reports, Lester has been officially banned from that particular church, while the priest was forgiven by his sect. The religious group even applauded the priest for defending he purity of his beliefs.

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