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Obscure Adult Movie Performer Likens Himself To X-Men’s Colossus

A proud member of the adult movie community, porn star Edwin Jackhammer wants to be a member of another band of societal outcasts: The X-Men.

Jackhammer is an up and coming male performer for adult films. The 19 year old stud grew up in Long Island, where he dreamed to one day conquer the world of adult films. Not very many of people know this, not even Jackhammer’s closest friends, but Jackhammer’s dream is actually inspired by a popular comic book character named Piotr Rasputin, recognized by millions as the X-man Colossus.

Colossus is a mutant, and in the realm of comic books, mutants are those who were born with special abilities. Because of this, they are generally considered to be freaks and are even viewed as a collective threat to mankind. Colossus is a Russian who can turn himself nto a being of pure steel. With his nearly invulnerable hide and extraordinary strength, Colossus was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier to aid him in his quest to achieve peace between mutants and humans. Jackhammer says that it’s this back story that he relates to.

“I rarely talk about it with my friends back home” says Jackhammer, who now resides in Los Angeles. “Whenever I compare what being a porn star truly is to what it must be like being a Russian mutant, my friends would just joke about comparing my penis to that of Colossus. But that wasn’t what I actually meant.”

A teary eyed jackhammer then details that mutants and porn stars are very much alike. Both were born with the same abilities or attributes that not many “normal” people have, and while both their exploits are closely followed, the general populace also views them as different from everyone else. “I relate more with Colossus, because most people who don’t follow the comics don’t realize that he’s actually a quiet, peace loving artist under that huge, hard exterior. He’s a painter, born in a time and place that’s torn by war. When I tell people what I do now for a living, they mostly forget that I am just another regular guy, with other interests and dimensions, and sometimes that makes me sad.”

Like Colossus, Edwin Jackhammer is another tortured soul that is the victim of society’s tendency to categorize individuals by appearance or title. It pains Jackhammer more that he’ll be playing a parody of his favorite hero in the upcoming XXX-men: The Penis Stands.

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