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Producers Want To Make Sci-Fi P o r n

P o r n has taken several forms ever since its inception. The more creative producers have done parodies of popular films. The result of which usually is entertaining and at times downright hilarious (intentional or not). However, no one has ever successfully been able to produce an adult film that ventures out of its usual genre while still retaining the basic porn elements. That is what a small contingent of science fiction and fantasy fans intend to do within the next few months. These guys are going to produce a high quality science fiction p o r n flick.

Based in California, the group refers to themselves as the Creative Storm Troopers. The group has been formed by three young film enthusiasts who have met in a sci-fi/fantasy online forum. They joked around at first about producing a p o r n with an original science fiction plot, which led them to seriously considering the idea.

They all agreed to meet in Los Angeles and after a massive brainstorming session, the Angel City trilogy was born. These movies would tell the story of the residents of a city torn apart due to post-apocalyptic turmoil. The earth, scorched and nearly drained of resources, has been reduced to a place where survival is to be attained. Ruled by an evil dictator, the planet’s most powerful city continues to cause worldwide damage that would led into global chaos and destruction. Angel City is shows seven gifted individuals who need to band together and overthrow this ruler and save the world.

The story is loosely inspired from various influences like the “Lord of The Rings” movies, the “Heroes” television series, and several comic books. The three films would have a different director each and all the members of the Troopers would be collaborating on the screenplays. They are currently trying to raise funding for the movie, a process that they report happily is going well. There seems to be a lot of people who are interested in supporting the Storm Troopers’ project.

This begs the question of p o r n. With a seemingly solid concept, the need to add porn scenes seems gratuitous. The Troopers insist that what they are doing is revolutionary. According to one, “It has never been done before, at least not on the scale that we’re planning. The realm of science fiction and fantasy have always had a strong element of sexuality within them, and we want to make the sex scenes as real as possible.”

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