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Teen Pornstar In A Public Row In Burger Joint

A quiet local burger joint was terrorized by the display of dramatics by a teen pornstar and her extremely jealous boyfriend yesterday in Fresno. The supposed loving couple went in and had themselves a quick meal when all of a sudden a veritable war was waged over their grease-filled dinner.

The argument started when the lovely adult film star started an innocent flirtation with the waiter, who was an underaged pimple-faced high school student. The boyfriend did not take kindly to the suggestive manner his girl had asked for a milkshake. The rather promiscuous young woman then followed it up by asking the waiter what he thought about her “milkshake” and if it indeed does “bring all the boys to the yard”. This did not sit well with the boyfriend, who verbally assaulted the already speechless waiter mercilessly. One could only expect spit burgers in the boyfriend’s immediate future. After successfully shooing away the waiter, the irate boyfriend turn his attention to the teen starlet. He was demanding an explanation as to why she “always had to flirt with someone who had something remotely resembling a cock”.

The young woman was aghast and apologetic, stating that the nature of her occupation did not afford her many other methods of interacting with the opposite sex. She mentioned that he should just accept that and move on, that he should just take her as she truly was or find someone else. These well intentioned but short sighted comments made matters worse. The boyfriend went on a tirade as to how one must make sacrifices and adjustments to make a relationship work. H delivered this argument with an increasing volume. It wasn’t long until the people in the diner were taking significant notice to the couple’s spat.

When the manager politely approached them about potentially ruining the other customers’ dining experience, he was greeted with a chorus of middle fingers ad carefully worded insults from the couple, each with a colorful remark that the manager will never forget for a long time. The manager then summoned security, one big guy named Rudy, to escort the couple out of the premises. The couple showed the same amount of disrespect to the security officer, pointing out hat he “looked like a constipated ape” in his uniform. The couple were so into it that their words have managed to reduce the manager, the guard, and a few other customers who had tried to join the fray to tears.

The couple had made up afterwards, but the incident will never be forgotten by everyone in attendance.

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