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Yogi’s Above Average Performance in Adult Sex Video Recognized

He’s smarter than the average bear, and if you’ve seen his adult sex video. You know that Yogi Bear is superior in other ways besides intellect. Over the years there has been an onslaught of cartoon sex videos, thanks largely to the proliferation of flash animation and an entire generation of perverts. From the Flintstones having orgies with the Rubbles, to the cast of Family Guy getting it on, beloved cartoon characters have been used in some of the sickest ways imaginable.

A recent survey of fans of these kinds of videos indicated that Yogi Bear’s sex video is surprisingly at the top of the list. Yogi Bear, though a beloved cartoon character from the golden age of Hanna Barbera Cartoons dating back to the 70s, does not measure in popularity against bigger cartoon icons like the Simpsons or Disney characters. However, Yogi’s indecent behavior with love interest Lulu has garnered the most nods, slightly edging out the classic Aladdin porn video.

There are other notable mentions in this category. Fans have voted that the Gundam scene in the classic Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon porn movie as officially the weirdest animated porn scene anyone has ever seen. The movie is a crossover of two popular anime series, and it included other popular anime characters as well. In the said scene, a Gundam robot gets it on with one of the mechs from Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Voted in for the most disturbing animated porn video is Garfield, who’s seen banging Arlene, the uppity female cat of his dreams. The scenes from the movie show everyone get some sex action, including Odie and Jon. Man’s best friend indeed. A close second to this is the scene from the Simpsons sex video, where after watching his best friend Milhouse get it on with his sister Lisa, Bart joins in on the action for some incestuous fun.

Fans also have some requests for upcoming animated flicks. Porn fans and comic book geeks alike would love to see a porn version of Justice League Unlimited. Imagine Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Vixen and Supergirl getting nailed simultaneously at super speed by the Flash! Fans also want to see all ten of Ben 10’s alien incarnations have a shot at some pussy. People are also clamoring for some porn involving video game characters, like Lara Croft, Jill Valentine, Princess Toadstool and the rest of the cast of Super Mario Bros., and of course, Mrs. Pac Man.

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